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Are you as surprised as I am that I’m popping in on a weekend? Since taking off the pressure to blog, I’ve been taking weekends off to rest, recharge and quiet things down around here. Because of that, I feel like I haven’t really shared too much about what’s going on in my life…at least aside from my workouts. 😉


With that, I thought I’d pop in today and catch you up on a few things…


1 – There’s been a lot of reconnecting with old friends lately. Some that I haven’t seen or spoken to in years and some that I just haven’t had a chance to talk to for a little while. I absolutely love that technology allows me to catch up with some important people in my life who don’t live near me. Thank you texting, Skype and (yes) Facebook for that.

Collage made from photos taken from the wedding - how freaking cute are they?!

Collage made from photos taken from the wedding – how freaking cute are they?!

And I think there will be more reconnecting with old friends soon too. I’m not complaining, I’m so excited and loving it!


2 – I had been thinking about saving for a new phone. My iPhone 4S was holding up so it wasn’t a necessity but I was craving an upgrade with a better camera, especially since all blog photos are taken from my camera (sorry ‘bout it!). Well that whole saving up for the new phone went flying out the window when my lock button stopped working on Tuesday. Wednesday I made my way to the Apple Store, confirmed what I already knew to be true, and left with a new beautiful iPhone 5S.


Unfortunately, when we buy a new phone we forget all the other expenses that come with – a case, a new car charger, etc. As I was driving into the city for a show Thursday night, I realized that my built in iPod cables in my car also won’t work with my new phone. Womp womp.


3 – I don’t eat a ton of tofu because I try to limit my soy intake, but I do enjoy having it as a protein source from time to time. After Nasoya reached out asking if I’d like to try their tofu, I knew I wanted to try a new to me baked tofu recipe. And oh.em.gee did I find a good one! I’ll share what recipe I found + a little giveaway this upcoming week, stay tuned!

1655930_10100119293451969_1066859090_nThis delightful bowl may not be your usual SuperBowl eats but with a lackluster football game, it definitely stole the show!


4 – The winter blues have definitely been hitting this house. Between my roommate and myself, I feel like one of us is always complaining about the winter weather. I was holding out as long as I could but after listening to it every day and the lack of break from the severe weather (it’s either been bitter cold or snowy every day!), I fell to the winter blues…hard. I’ve been trying to take my own advice and I do think it’s helping, at least a little bit.


I also bought some flowers for our living room to help add a touch of spring and hopefully bring a little cheer into this house again.


5 – I know I keep mentioning this, but I am Fabletics obsessed! My first outfit was fantastic though I did have to return my tank top because it was too small (I had a feeling that might happen because I ordered an XSmall instead of a Small) but it was an easy return and my replacement tank came the other week and it’s super comfortable! I also jumped the moment my February picks came and immediately picked out my order. (Thank you to anyone who has used my referral link for helping me get my February outfit. I love that Fabletics has a referral bonus!<-Disclaimer: that is a referral link, my wallet thanks you!)


Disclaimer – I have found that a lot of pieces in my outfit choices were sold out, at least in the ones that I was eyeing, BUT I swear that’s because I needed an excuse to get pieces that I could workout in and not just plan to wear as everyday wear. 😉 

I’ve been in need of replacing some of my sports bras so while you can’t see it, there’s a super cute black sports bra underneath the white shirt. There’s a small zipper pocket on the back of the t-shirt (great for my keys when I can get back outside to run!) and the shorts have a snake skin-esque print on them. Super cute, super comfortable and I’ll be hitting the treadmill this weekend to give them a test drive run!


6 – As usual there’s also been a bunch of shows keeping me out late, busy and remembering why I love music so much.

Big Paraid @ Schubas earlier this year, Lord Huron @ the Metro last week, & Pert Near Sandstone at Schubas Thursday

Big Paraid @ Schubas earlier this year, Lord Huron @ the Metro last week, & Pert Near Sandstone at Schubas Thursday

This is only a touch of the shows that I’ve attended lately. If you’re interested in following the shows I’m at, make sure to follow-me on Instagram as I often share pictures and videos while at the shows (well, the shows I deem worth sharing). 😉

That’s what been going on with me – how about you? Let’s catch up!

10 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    I heart you and want to be one of the old friends you reconnect with!! 😉

    Yay for new phone but bummer the cables are different…ol Apple got a lot of people there I’m sure! An iphone is definitely on my wishlist…my phone camera just can’t compete (my poor instagram followers haha).

    Let’s move to Florida! Or somewhere warm!!! Minnesota is rediculous!!

  2. JenB

    I still have the 4s iphone too. Hubby and the two older boys all have newer models. The younger kids still have the touch that has the same (older) charger, I Ipad still uses the older one too (although the new mini uses the lightening connector). We are an apple family! But by the time I do make the transition (which I’m still not planning on) it should be pretty easy, as my boys have already paved the way with all the things required for a new phone 🙂

  3. Kate @ Coffee with Kate

    That tofu dish looks awesome. I’ve only ever had tofu once but I’d love to start eating a little more. Especially since I am a vegetarian I rely a lot on protein shakes and protein breads! But tofu would mix it up a bit.

  4. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    I love so much about this post <3 The first photo of you is so natural and gorgeous, love it. A new phone is always fun but such a bummer about your car! Shows and old friends and new fitness clothes are the bomb dot com. The only thing that sucks is the winter blues. Helpppp me toooo 😉

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, girly!! That first photo was from a rough day so I pulled a “fake it til you make it” photo and thought I actually looked kind of pretty…funny how that works. ha! Now, if only I could get some time with a certain friend…;)

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