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image-6It’s been something like 6 years (maybe longer?) since Beck last released a studio record…that’s a long freaking time. And I must admit, I’m pretty excited for the release of his new album, Morning Phase, later this month (February 25th for anyone else interested). And after I heard “Waking Light” on XRT a couple weeks ago, I got even more excited!

But I do have a couple weeks until the album comes out, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Maybe instead of just playing the new song on repeat until the album comes out, I should use it as an opportunity to look back on some other great Beck songs, what do you think?

Lost Cause




For good measure, another song from the new album called “Blue Moon” – so good!


What album are you looking forward to coming out soon?

Have a favorite Beck song?

7 thoughts on “New Beck

  1. Calee

    Beck is awesome! I totally skipped reading everything else to read this. I didn’t know if you had inside info. LOVE him. I should toss him in my playlist next week. I have had “Que Ondo Guero” in my head all day.

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