Setting The World On Fire

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I have to be honest for a moment. I posted that on my Facebook and Twitter last Thursday and it kind of exploded. Immediately I started getting texts and other various messages from friends and family asking me what’s going on…I get it, it may have sounded a bit cryptic, but I wasn’t leaving out any information; I truly and whole heartedly, felt this huge sense of empowerment for the year ahead.


Sure, there may be some behind the scenes things happening, like a potential new apartment in a potential new city that while it will mean a potentially slightly longer commute to work, it holds the potential for greater personal happiness and potential friendships (that’s a lot of potential!).

But that aside, there are ideas swirling in my mind of future projects that just. feel. right.

There’s an RV that has been sold and now I can work on making some extra income to pay off my debts, not to just keep trying to stay on top of living + an RV payment.

There are positive influences and relationships building all around me while the distance from some negative ones increases.

There’s this feeling that while this blog has been around for over 5 ½ years, that it’s potential impact and growth is really just getting started; it’s like I can feel the future growth and impact in my bones and blood and body.

[ctt title=”2017 holds a lot of potential…do you feel it yet?” tweet=”2017 holds a lot of potential…do you feel it yet? via @iamkatiearnold” coverup=”Y202L”]

There are words that just keep floating in my mind and I can hardly get them to the page fast enough and I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

I feel myself open for whatever relationships may come into my life, whether new friendships or opportunities for dating; either, or and both. (No, Mom & Dad, I’m not dating anyone.)

I feel a fire burning and with that, it only seems fitting to share that new Kenny Chesney, featuring Pink song, “Setting the World on Fire.” Please tell me I’m not the only one totally digging this song right now?

Tell me something new or exciting happening in YOUR life?

Do you have any potentially awesome stuff?

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