May 2016 Goals

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A new month means a fresh start and a new set of goals but before I share my May goals, let’s take a look at how I did with the goals I set up for April…


1. Handwritten Letter to a Friend

Check! This is one of my very favorite goals each month because who doesn’t love getting mail that isn’t a bill?!

2. Finish ‘The Everything Candida Diet Book’

Check! The book is actually half recipes so it didn’t take me too long to read and was very interesting. I owe you all an update on this in the next week or so.

3. Freelance Work

Try again… 😉

4. Start Summer Garden

Kinda sorta…I didn’t actually start PLANTING anything, but I went to visit my parents the other weekend and came back with gardening pots, potting soil, and some seeds. There’s still a few that I want to buy which I hope to do in the next week or so!

5. Grow Instagram

Check! Maybe not AS much as I would have liked, but growth is growth and I definitely think my interaction is up which is a start. …do you follow me on Instagram? 😉

Now onto my May goals…


1. Handwritten letter

2. Grow Pinterest

3.Read physical book

4. Continue new diet and exercise plan as long as it keeps feeling good

5. Plant garden

6. Have coffee on patio

7. Make camera strap

8. Get ahead on blogging again

9. Freelance – writing, VA work, etc

A few of these should be pretty easy, a few a bit harder, and a few fall somewhere in between. Regardless, I definitely feel focused and looking forward to getting everything in motion.

What are some of your goals for May?

15 thoughts on “May 2016 Goals

  1. Christine

    You did a great job last month and I am sure you will do great again this month. My goal this month is sticking to my budget, making time with a friend, and adding some more work to my schedule.

  2. Marette @ Floradise

    We have some similar goals! I wanted to freelance last month but I didn’t, so I’m going to try again this month. I also want to plant my garden finally but we’re waiting until we move at the end of the move.

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