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best workout playlist

A couple weeks ago, I asked you to let me know a song or two that inspires you through some of your toughest workouts. I wanted to compile them into one, kick-butt motivational workout playlist and I’m happy to say that today is the day we all kick our workouts up a notch with this playlist!

Through your suggestions and a few of my own additions, we have 90 minutes of music to keep you pushing through even the toughest sets and hardest runs. There is a WIDE variety of music so you are bound to have songs to keep you going and if you happen to find a song you just can NOT listen to, just hit skip and know there are plenty more to come! (Trust me, I took all of your suggestions and threw them in here, regardless of my opinions on some of them…ha!)

I highly recommend following the playlist so you can pull it up easily during your next workout!

Are there any songs you would add?

18 thoughts on “YOUR Best Workout Playlist

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