Maybe Nostalgia Is All You Need

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If I can be honest, last week was a roller coaster, with some of the highest highs and inspiration to some of the super stressed lows. There’s a lot happening and while some is good, some not so good, some exciting and some stressful. I get it, that’s life, but I needed something to carry me through.


On Tuesday, I ran across this acoustic cover of Hanson’s “MMMbop” and the 10 year old fan in me just had to listen.

Are you rolling your eyes or judging me yet? I mean, I get it if you are but at the same time, I don’t really care. When we’re stressed or upset, we need whatever we can get that will lift us back up and that was exactly what this did. But more so, it worked for the whole week.

As the week progressed and I felt my stress rise or like I needed something to help lift me back up, I took a blast to the past. To my childhood and one of the first bands that I really remember taking me to another place with music. It sounds so cheesy, especially consider the fact that I was maybe 8 or 9 but my love for music really started to grow during this time. That’s not a part of my past that I can (or necessarily even care to) forget.

Tell me does it move you

Does it soothe you

Does it fill your heart and soul with the

Roots of rock and roll

I use this story as a way to remind you to do what you need to do for yourself, regardless of what others may think of you. Listen to the music that sets your soul on fire; or listen to the music that inspired you when you were 10; or maybe you just find a box full of wonderful memories and look through it. I don’t really care regardless, just do you and what will lift you back up.

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Now, admit it – were you a Hanson fan?

What do you need for yourself today?

P.S. It should be known that in order to find some throwback photos (obviously not from my Hanson days), it required some MAJOR nostalgia. 🙂 

14 thoughts on “Maybe Nostalgia Is All You Need

  1. Liz Jo

    Not familiar with that band, but I remember when I was younger listening to Jimmy Eat World’s song The Middle when I wanted to run away, I was 12 or something and it convinced me to come back home. Oh the times when I was young. Sometimes you just gotta do you until you’re ready
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  2. Nicole

    While I wasn’t into Hanson, I took care of twelve girls ages 7-17 while they were all obsessed. So, I introduced them to Backstreet Boys.

    I agree. Sometimes listening to music can take me back to a simpler time (or, at least it seems more simple because I’m already through it).

  3. Neely

    I was never really into hanson but ALL of my friends were so I feel like I was by default.

  4. Breharne

    Lol i was never a fan of hanson (probably the only girl in my year at school that wasnt), but ive been visiting my home town and the nostalgia is somewhat calming and makes me happy.

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