Organization & Technology

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I’m a pretty organized person for the most part.  I generally keep my apartment clean and tidy (on occasion it gets a little disorderly but I hate when that happens, so it doesn’t last long).  And for the most part I know where everything is.  Everything has a place.  But while all this is going on, I’m always in this feeling that I have more work and organization to do.  Like it’s this non-stop task on my to-do list.  But it isn’t just organizing things in my apartment, it’s how I keep myself, my life organized on a day-to-day basis.  And lately, I feel like I’ve been struggling with this.
Think about it for a minute.  We have technology at our fingertips.  Literally, I work around it and with it all day.  I sell it to people.  I teach them the benefits on how they can streamline different aspects of their lives with this amazing technology.  And don’t get me wrong, I stand behind this 100%.  I have seen for myself how the technology I work with helps me everyday, helps me do my work when it isn’t convenient to carry around a laptop, and helps me remember things I may otherwise forget.  
But despite all of this, the thing missing for me is the general sense of accomplishment I feel when I take a pen to a piece of paper and cross off a completed task.  I find myself ignoring the “9” on top of one of my to-do list apps because seeing how long it stays up there stresses me out.  Why is it when technology is so easily accessible and advanced am I finding it hard to use consistently?

I want my to-do list to look like this! 🙂