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Music has always had the ability to make you feel something – whether it’s something good, something bad, something big or something small is dependent on the song, the artist, the style, etc.  It also depends on the listener, their willingness to let the notes and lyrics in, and what they’re going through in each moment.

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I’m the listener that’s always open, always trying to get the most out of a song, an album and whatever the artist has to offer, however big or small.  I’ve mentioned this before and I’m sure I’ll mention it again, it’s a never changing part of who I am.



And especially now as I’m trying to find my way back into the music industry, discover what my exact place is and how to best get there, I’ve been listening to even more music, I’ve been trying to find even more inspiration and I’m trying to constantly keep pushing myself forward.


Every 3 years (I think?), Berklee used to have John Mayer come back to the school (he attended for a couple years before dropping out and getting big, ha!) to speak to the students, answer questions and hopefully help motivate everyone to keep pushing forward in their careers.  Unfortunately, I never got to attend since he came the year before and after I was there but regardless, I’ve always been a big John Mayer fan and love being able to say he also went to Berklee. I even attended a show of his in Boston as research for a school project.

photo-10The thing about John Mayer is that I always find his music so relatable, calming and easy on the ears so I was excited to hear his new album, Paradise Valley, and I’m happy to say I don’t think it disappoints.  From start to finish, you can tell he’s in such a good place – happy and in love.  And while I’m not a Katy Perry fan, his duet with her is actually quite cute!



What are you listening to lately?

2 thoughts on “Paradise Valley

  1. Ashley @ Eat Run Live

    I love your passion for music. Music has really gotten me through the most difficult times in my life. I play the piano and it’s such an escape. I love what I call “real” music. Real instruments, real voices… Like John. I’ve been listening to Passenger lately. I love them. They are so different and real.

    1. admin Post author

      Passenger is good too! And yes, I’m all about “real” music too, strip away all the layers and just get to the roots of it.

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