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I started writing this post with the intention of it being a Sunday Confessions but as things progressed I realized I wasn’t actually confessing anything but rather digging deep, sharing truths, and finding new ways to keep me inspired and moving forward.  And I’m nothing if I’m not flexible and adaptable, so I went with it, I went where my heart took me and I filled the page as it felt right in the moment.  I hope you find something today that inspires you or makes you think just a bit harder.


-As I was working on my Currently Post for August I got to the “current blessing” and I had to stop to think about my answer.  Why isn’t this coming right to me? I have so many blessings in my life but clearly something is fogging me and not allowing me to see them so clearly.  This is something I need to work on clearing out so I can appreciate all the wonderful things and people in my life.

970562_908393350489_1305298341_n-It’s been no secret (at least not to me) that I’ve been missing a certain level of motivation. I think it comes from feeling frustrated from pushing so hard towards trying to make things happen and get to the next big thing in my life but not actually getting there.  To combat this, I’ve been trying to dig deep, to find new sources of motivation and just make.things.happen.  This is a cool Inspiration Bomb that I highly recommend watching, especially for all you ladies out there:

-Listening to this kid talk about depression is so inspiring.  His story is chilling but I believe he was meant to live through it so he could share and help start the conversation about depression, to help remove the stigma around it and help others not feel so alone.  Please listen, please share, please do your part to allow those around you to know they are never alone no matter what they may be going through.


-I keep a very organized space – whether it be physical in my surroundings or when it comes to my technology, everything has a home.  For whatever reason, I tend to break this from time to when it comes to things of importance or potential importance.  I often drag web pages I want to go back and check out to my desk top for a moment when I have more time, only to get left there for ages.  One thing on my desk top was this year’s Berklee commencement speech given by Annie Lenox.  I love listening to these to find a new layer of drive hiding inside myself.  Annie’s speech did not disappoint. And while I’d highly recommend watching the whole thing to hear her story, if you’re not able to watch the whole 15 minutes, you should at least pay close attention to this big moment:


“Consider this, wherever you think you’re heading right now might turn out to take a completely different path. What looks like an ending might actually be the start of a brand new beginning. Wherever and however we find ourselves, what a privilege it is to enrich our lives through music: the incredible universal language of the soul. Enter it wholeheartedly, make it yours to share with the world in the very best way you can.”

– Annie Lenox


Definitely worth nothing.  Definitely worth remembering.


What’s got you thinking this weekend?

What has you motivated to keep pushing forward?

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