The Wait

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The hardest part is the wait.  Doesn’t matter what you’re actually talking about.

Waiting for potential good news.  Waiting for potential bad news.  Waiting for someone to tell you how they feel.  Waiting to tell someone how you feel.  Waiting to see someone you really miss.  Waiting to take a trip.  Waiting to see how certain aspects of your life play out.  Or maybe just waiting for something to come in the mail.

I can tell you I’m not enjoying some of my waiting.  Including waiting for a few books I ordered from Amazon over the weekend.  And to get over the cold that presented itself to me.  As well as a few other things…

It’s a good thing I’m working on my patience.

(And that I had yesterday off to do nothing but lay in bed and relax.)

But let’s be honest, a big bouquet of flowers would probably make my waiting easier.  I think I’ll have to splurge on myself…

What makes the wait easier for you?

1 thought on “The Wait

  1. Hannah @ eat, drink and save money

    Sometimes I feel like I live my entire life waiting for something. I am always looking ahead and waiting for the next thing to happen. But sometimes I have to stop and relax in the moment. Take a break from waiting, I promise it makes the wait faster!

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