Thursday Thoughts

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Changes are coming.  I’m not quite ready to share just yet but I promise I will soon and just know that my life is about to get really busy for the next couple weeks until everything settles into place.

IMG_2837Additionally, thank you for all of the kind words on Tuesday’s sick day post.  I’m on the mend but definitely still tired and congested.  I’m hoping to feel up for an easy workout after work today, but we’ll see how I feel come noon-time.  No need to rush it and keep this sickness hanging around longer than necessary.


I’m going to tease you for a minute.  This recipe is coming your way.  And trust me, it’s delicious and you should start getting excited about it. 😉

229463_806056239879_38152901_nI’ve been working a work event the last few Wednesdays nights.  At this event they talk about some usually semi-controversial topics.  All I have to do is serve coffee and pretend to not hear what they’re saying.  This week’s topic was gun-control so you know I did my best to zone out – too many opinions.


Speaking of work, I was asked to make a piccolo latte the other day.  Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either.  And you can bet the guy had to tell me what it was.  And you can bet I was a bit upset about his timing (hello drive-thru rush!) but made it.  He told me I got extra points for getting the latte art on the top.  You can bet I did not get those points.  Whatever.


That’s all.  Happy Friday Thursday!


What thoughts do you have to share today?

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

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