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Let me be clear…”meals today” this is not everything I’ve eaten today.  I’m a small meal + snacker type so I assure you there was more consumed than just in today’s post.


Moving on, here’s the extra-delicious MEALS from today…


It’s been awhile since I’ve made Oats In A Jar and these were extra yummy as I sprinkled in some powdered peanut butter while cooking.  It was delicious!!


I haven’t been eating much yogurt with my current sickness but nonstop bowls of soup are getting old so I’m happily adding them back in and this bowl was especially delicious.  A mix of strawberry Chobani, fruit salad and raisin crunch cereal.  YUM!


And as I type this I’m eating this giant and delicious salad I prepared for myself earlier, with homemade honey dijon dressing.  YUM!

Definitely some great meals.


What were some of your yummy eats from the day?

7 thoughts on “Meals Today

  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I was JUST remembering this Orange Honey Dijon dressing I made perhaps A YEAR AGO that I never posted about. I need to do that. (Although maybe I should make it again, just to check that the recipe was actually as good as I remember?)

    I sometimes wish I could have my yogurt bowls in the middle of the day, but I find that my stomach’s occasional lactose-aversion tend to function better when I have them at night!

  2. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    This morning, I fixed my first bowl of peanut flour oats in months! Topped with crushed pretzels, banana, and a spoonful of peach/pecan jam…it was every bit of delicious! And totally made me kick myself for going so long without making oats! lol

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