Healthy Snacking While Moving

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This is what my garage looks like right now…


Actually, I’ll be honest, that photo was taken yesterday morning so I guarantee you, my garage looks worse right now. I’ll also admit, that’s only my side of the garage and as the resident OCD-crazy-organized one, my side is a bit easier on the eyes. 😉

In case you can’t tell, the reason my garage looks like a tornado is because we’re in the middle of moving this weekend. While Sam and I don’t leave for the 50 States tour until November 1st, my lease ends Tuesday so this is the big weekend to finishing getting everything packed up, moved out and cleaned up, especially since my roommate has to work Monday and Tuesday.

Thankfully, my friends at Musselman’s reached out just in the knick of time and the other day a box with applesauce arrived at my door.


What they may not know is that while a pack of applesauce makes a great snack for your kid’s lunches or to take on a picnic, it also makes great packing and moving fuel. If my volunteer movers get hungry, I’m all set to throw a BIG cup their way, give them a little snack break and when they’re refueled and ready, get back to work!

And if they’re lucky, maybe I’ll even make some muffins using the applesauce as a great healthy swap!

Now, who wants to help? Grab a box! 😉


Question – What’s your favorite moving snack?

**Disclaimer – While Musselman’s sent me applesauce in exchange for this post, as always, all thoughts and opinions are truly my own.**

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Snacking While Moving

    1. Katie Post author

      Hey, there’s no problem with cookies every once and awhile…I was thinking about making cookies WITH the applesauce… 😉

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