It’s #ActiveNationDay!

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What is Active Nation Day?

Active Nation Day Lorna Jane GLadstone

Celebrated on September 28, Active Nation Day is aimed

at encouraging women to mark their commitment to

Active Living by getting out and moving their bodies.


With the inaugural Active Nation Day held in 2012, in just

three short years the Sporty Sisterhood has come leaps

and bounds having collectively moved over 8 million kms

to date, a true testament to just how inspiring and

motivated Lorna Jane girls are!


What’s more, this number is set to soar because this year

for the first time ever Active Nation Day is going global

with events being held throughout the world.


The first step in pledging your commitment for a fit future

is downloading the Lorna Jane App. Inspire your Sporty

Sisters to get moving by snapping and sharing your progress

on social media using the hashtag #activenationday.


Won’t you join me by getting active today? Here’s a few ideas for how you can get out there and get active today…


1 – Go for skipping through the apple orchard!


My parents and I are going apple picking today so besides walking through the orchard, I might just start skipping down the rows of trees for a little extra activity. (Watch out for apples on the ground! 😉 )

2 – Take your mat outside and get in a beautiful fall yoga practice


I know it’s been far too long since I did yoga of any kind…this sounds perfect!

3 – Grab a box and help me move!


No seriously…it’s a great workout! 😉


Question – How are you going to get active today?

Make sure to tag #ActiveNationDay so we can all see how you’re staying active!

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