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Have you ever heard of 100 Happy Days?


The concept is simple – 100 days, 1 picture per day of something that made you happy -could be simple, could be more complex.


I’ve seen it floating around social media for awhile with the #100happydays but never stopped to look more into it until last week and when I did, I decided there was no reason not to jump on board.

100 Happy Days

The hardest thing would be remembering to take that moment each day and go “what made me happy” or “what IS making me happy in this moment?” If I didn’t snap a picture, then take one in that moment or if I did, be sure I’ve shared it and noted what day in this 100 Days of Happy we are. Really for no other reason than my needing to know where I am in this journey.


Because life is that. It’s a journey. And this 100 Days isn’t a journey to find happiness, it’s a journey to make sure I’m constantly cultivating and recognizing the happiness that already exists in my life.


I’m not going to share my photos everyday on the blog or check-in weekly with what’s been making me happy. I just don’t want to commit to that but you’re welcome to follow me on Instagram (if you don’t already) because that’s where I WILL be checking in.


Please consider joining me on this challenge, I want to see what’s making you happy too for the next 100 days!


What’s making YOU happy TODAY?

4 thoughts on “#100HappyDays

    1. Katie Post author

      YAY!!! SO happy you’re joining! (Also, so sorry I’m late to respond…but I’m SO happy to have you!) 🙂

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