20 for 2020

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Oh hey! Remember me? Remember when I used to blog? It’s crazy to think that I took the last few months entirely off from blogging, writing, or even sharing some of my new yoga and meditation videos. Sure, things have been busy and I could probably rattle off a handful of excuses but it doesn’t really matter. What matters was that I need to give myself that time and that release of pressure, so I did. But now it’s 2020, it’s a new decade and I’m feeling a new rush of inspiration and creativity to write and create! What a beautiful reminder that sometimes we need to step back a bit so we can come back to something feeling refreshed and renewed. 

I am sure I could rattle off all the things that have been going on in my life the last few months but I’ll spare you those details (for now) because I really want to talk about this new decade. 

While I understand that the new year (or new decade) is arbitrary, I love the beautiful opportunity it provides to check-in on your goals and adjust as necessary. I’ve been finding that there are several areas of my life in which I’m not feeling fulfilled, stressed, over-tired, and lacking creativity. What an awful feeling! I’m so grateful for all of the internal work that I’ve done and the self-awareness I’ve gained in my 20s to be able to see this. But after climbing my way out of my 2019 hole and taking a few days at a yoga retreat in Iceland, I’m feeling refreshed, renewed, and re-inspired in multiple areas of my life.

I have spent some time these last few weeks thinking about the goals and things that I want to accomplish in this next year ahead, and while on the plane ride back from Iceland, locked in 20 goals for 2020 (inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s 20 for 2020) but broken down into a few main categories: Knowledge & Career, Travel, Connection, Financial Freedom, Health & Fitness. Here they are:

20 for 2020

Knowledge & Career

(1)-Read 40 books
(2)-Work on additional yoga certifications/training
(3)-Complete a new certification through NASM
(4)-Earn an extra $X outside of my full-time income (keeping specific amounts private)
(5)-Host my 1st yoga retreat


(6)-Go somewhere you’ve never been
(7)-Visit a far away friend you haven’t seen in awhile
(8)-Travel to Colorado – visit the mountains!


(9)-Send 20 pieces of snail mail to people in my life
(10)-Start writing my book
(11)-Believe in love again (yes, I know, it’s hard to measure but it’s a goal regardless)
(12)-Join running group
(13)-Get back into bi-weekly blogging

Financial Freedom

(14)-Give back every month (financially and/or time)
(15)-Save at least for travel and retirement (keeping specific amounts private)
(16)-Have a no-spend month
(17)-Pay down debt (keeping specific amounts private)

Health / Fitness

(18)-Attend at least 1 yoga class per week
(19)-Run Gazelle Girl ½ Marathon
(20)-Try a new healthy recipe every month

As you can see with these goals, I am hoping to be around a lot more this year which makes me excited. I know that as the year progresses, I may change and add to this list of goals (which is totally fine) but for now, I think this list of 20 is a great place to start and I feel really great about them all!

I also picked my word for the year: THRIVE

And to be honest, for the first time in many years, I feel deep down into my core that this will be the year that I thrive.

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Did you make it to midnight? For the first time in many years, I stayed up until midnight and it was the most magical New Year’s Eve of my life to date. It was the final evening of my Iceland yoga retreat with @yogaforyouonline and while I’ll talk more about it later, I want to talk about this evening… After a self-restoring day around Reykjavík, we gathered for a delicious salmon dinner, mantra writing workshop, and chakra balancing restorative and yoga nidra practice. We watched the yearly Icelandic comedy recap show and made our way to a nearby hill to take in the 360* views of the entire city shooting off fireworks. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before and we were all laughing and giggling in the awe of what was transpiring around us. We fed on the energy and celebration for not just a new year, but new decade ahead. We popped some bubbly and Kelly & I made our way back to the warm car while everyone else continued their celebration. When we got to the car, Kelly asked how I was feeling and said she believes this next hear will be amazing for me. And for the first time in a long time, I said with full confidence, “me too.” Friends, I don’t just know and wish that for me, but I also wish that for you. May your 2020 be a time for renewal. 🤍 #newyeardoyou #madeformore #thisis2020 #thrive2020 #starttoday

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Now, with all of this said and my showing up more around these parts again, I want to know – what do you want to see more of from me in 2020? Any specific yoga or meditation needs? Health and fitness requests? Self-care inspiration? Journaling support? Let me know! Feel free to comment below or send me an email!

Did you pick a word for the year? How about any goals? Let me know in the comments below and we’ll help hold each other accountable!