A Day Off

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Today wasn’t one of those days where the pain was stabbing but rather dull and achy, where it feels like it’s exhausting my whole body, making me light headed and tired.  I wish I knew how to better describe all this pain, but honestly, I can’t.  I wish I could talk about other things and while I know I can, this is still a big part of my life and what’s going on that it’s hard to not talk about it.
In 5 days we prepare.  In 12 days we hope to come out with answers.  That doesn’t seem too long.  In fact that seems fairly manageable and may have just made me feel a bit better. (HA!)
But really, the best part of today was having the day off.  Days off exist because our bodies need that time to relax and refresh.  Today that was needed.
I was able to start my day with a delicious breakfast and followed up with yoga.  It had been awhile since I’d been to one of Gigi’s classes (or had even seen her!) and it felt so good to be in her contagious presence.  My afternoon proceeded with a couple errands, cleaning the kitchen and reading.  It felt good to just sit down on my couch and relax.  I have more things I could have done with my day and would have liked to have done but I don’t care, because this was what was needed.  Time for me and a day off.


**After reading my good friend’s blog the other week, she decided that for the month of November, she’s posting something she’s grateful for; something as simple as a picture or quote or possibly something lengthy.  In the month that we come together and share what we’re grateful and thankful for, there seems to be no better way.  And it’s with that that I have decided to join her.  Will you join us? #gratefulseason