A Delayed Response

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I apologize for the delay and missing my Fitness Friday “deadline” but yesterday was quite the day!  It wasn’t bad but it was long and exhausting!  Without going into the long-drawn out details, let’s just say I worked a 12+ hour workday.  And the only reason it ended when it did was because I had been there so long my manager’s decided I needed to leave and while the issue making me stay was still unresolved, I sent out the information that I could and made sure they knew where all information was that they may need once they could get it resolved.  And then as I was leaving and another issue came up, I set someone else up for success and then was pulled away for a drink by a few of my coworkers/friends.  
And let me just say, a drink + some sweet potato fries for a late dinner was the perfect end to my day!  We hung out for awhile and chatted at Barney’s right down the street from work and then parted ways as we were all getting sleepy.  As soon as I got home, I got ready and climbed right into bed and allowed myself to sleep with no alarm this morning!  Oh, what a glorious feeling! 🙂
This weekend marks what LA has deemed “Carmageddon” and so far rumor has it, the roads are clear.  I guess it’s proof that scare tactics work but I still don’t know if I want to venture out.  My luck would probably lead to everyone else hearing the same thing and then the traffic and major backups would take over.  Plus it’s my day off and I’m just fine spending it in my yoga pants, taking walks/bike rides in my neighborhood, and relaxing.  I’m also planning to bike to work tomorrow, whether there is traffic or not.  It will be interesting and fun!
Anyway, with the move last weekend, I allowed myself to take it a bit easy at the gym and on the workout front this week – my body was tired and deserving of rest but you have to know when to rest and when to push through the soreness.  Here’s what my week looked like:

Saturday 7.9
Moved (lots of lifting of heavy things and walking back/forth and up/down stairs)
Walked about 2-3 miles to pick up moving truck and bike
Biked about 1 mile home
Sunday 7.10
Rest (not nearly as sore as I expected)
Monday 7.11
90 minutes of yoga (this class kicked my butt more than I expected it to!)
Tuesday 7.12
Wednesday 7.13
20 min walk/run
20-25 min lifting (arms), abs and stretching
90 minutes yoga
Walked 1.5 miles from new apartment to old apartment
Biked back 1.5 from old apartment to new apartment
Cleaned old apartment (that’s a workout!)
Thursday 7.14
20 mins elliptical
20-25 mins lifting (legs) and stretching
Friday 7.15 
Rest (though I had planned on yoga before the 12 hour workday)
Now I’m off to get some exercise and continue my day of relaxation and the apartment to myself! 🙂

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