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Fitness Friday / Vacation Edition

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One of the hardest things about trips is eating healthy and staying active. Some trips make that easier than others but vacations are usually some of the hardest. No one wants to restrict themselves of some delectables in the city they are visiting. I won’t turn down a few bites of chocolate cake and ice cream at Serendipity – where’s… Read more »

My Initial Reaction

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Yesterday started the kick off of the Fit Mixer bootcamp.  You’ll have to excuse me as this is only the beginning of my talking about it.  The bootcamp goes on for 12 weeks and while I don’t plan to talk about it everyday, I do plan to check-in regularly.  This is for me as much as it is for you. … Read more »

Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 5

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I got hit with the super cold at the end of last week / early this week.  I woke up Saturday feeling worse than I had any other day and decided I was NOT moving from my bed all day (even if I suddenly felt better).  Thankfully that seemed to work because I woke up Sunday morning feeling a MILLION… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Live Fit Phase 1 Recap

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Well everyone, I have officially completed Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason 12 Week Live Fit program.  So here in lies the question…Am I seeing results? Seeing is one thing…feeling is another.  I feel stronger but I’m not sure if I actually look stronger.  And let’s be honest for a moment, taking progress photos of yourself is just plain awkward… Read more »

On the hunt

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I’m on the hunt. Not for a person.  Not for food.  But for a new yoga studio. About this time last year I purchased a month of unlimited yoga at The Yoga Collective in Santa Monica.  I didn’t use it until the end of April / early May and decided to make it a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Upon completing… Read more »

Music Monday – I’m Calling On YOU!

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Instead of featuring another band or artist that I’m digging this week, I wanted to look to you.  I’ve been using the same running playlist for quite some time now and while I add a new song every now and then, I’m in need of a real re-vamp. Here’s my current playlist: “The Show Goes On” – Lupe Fiasco “Love… Read more »

A Delayed Response

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I apologize for the delay and missing my Fitness Friday “deadline” but yesterday was quite the day!  It wasn’t bad but it was long and exhausting!  Without going into the long-drawn out details, let’s just say I worked a 12+ hour workday.  And the only reason it ended when it did was because I had been there so long my… Read more »