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Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 5

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I got hit with the super cold at the end of last week / early this week.  I woke up Saturday feeling worse than I had any other day and decided I was NOT moving from my bed all day (even if I suddenly felt better).  Thankfully that seemed to work because I woke up Sunday morning feeling a MILLION… Read more »

Those Early Morning Workouts…

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Are worth every minute when you walk out to this view: A 5am wake up call and leaving the gym around 6:30 Tuesday morning meant I got to see the sunrise as I was leaving.  It really does make every moment worth it.  If you’re not already high on endorphins, this view sure made up for it.  It starts your… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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This seemed like a relatively “easy” week in terms of exercise, though when I look back at it, I got a pretty good amount.  I guess a part of me expects weeks like during the cardio challenge and yoga challenge, where I have a certain goal in mind and days off aren’t as much of an option.  Either way, I… Read more »

TV Show Currently Addicted To – Day 14

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Can I just start out by saying that I love when people tell me I inspire them to go to the gym? Because I love it.  Exercise and nutrition are very important aspects of my life and to have people tell me that I help inspire them to make it an important part of their lives is just an amazing… Read more »