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what’s keeping me from my new phone

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If it requires me to use my brain and think, it’s not happening today.  Quite honestly, we’re lucky I’ve been able to do anything at all. I opened at work this morning and was thankfully fairly productive in the morning but despite that, it was evident that I was beyond exhausted.  So much so my managers told me to leave… Read more »

Something You Can’t Leave Home Without – Day 15

You mean aside from the obvious – wallet with drivers license and hopefully a form of payment (credit cards, cash, whatever you prefer to use)?  Easy…my iPhone!! I know, I know.  My sister is probably cringing in front of her computer screen reading this right now.  Not because I can’t leave my house without a phone, because I can’t leave… Read more »

TV Show Currently Addicted To – Day 14

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Can I just start out by saying that I love when people tell me I inspire them to go to the gym? Because I love it.  Exercise and nutrition are very important aspects of my life and to have people tell me that I help inspire them to make it an important part of their lives is just an amazing… Read more »