A Step Towards Normalcy

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After weeks of living off of mainly carbs, feeling completely exhausted and not being able to go to the gym, I’m starting to take the steps to return to my normal state of affairs.  To what I deem normalcy.
Really, it was as simple as making my way back to the gym this morning.  For all of you worried that I’m over-exerting myself, please relax; I kept it easy.  I kept myself to 35 minutes on the stationary bike at level 1 while I read a magazine.  I stretched out my muscles (and boy were they tight!) and did just a bit of abdominal work.  As much as I would have loved a good sweaty run + weight lifting session, I know I can’t push myself too hard right now and that I need to ease my way back into it.  As simple as this morning’s workout was, it felt amazing just to move.  And quite honestly, it was a great spirit lifter.
I returned home from the gym and with energy in place, I got productive!  I cleaned my apartment, did a load of laundry and tidied/organized a few things astray in my room.  I can tell I’m on the path to my normal self and that’s the best feeling in the world.
And there’s no better way to end the day than a movie night with a couple of amazing friends.  It’s a good Saturday.  Can’t complain. 🙂