London Calling?

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Lately I’ve had these strong urges to move to San Francisco, back to New York City, or as in this morning’s case – London.
…uh what?!
I learned fairly quickly after moving to LA, that this isn’t where I’m meant to end up.  I’ve been okay staying here because I don’t want to spend the precious money moving all over the place in my attempt to find the place that “feels right” and I did come out here for a reason and I’m not completely sure I’ve fulfilled that just yet.  But I’ve found these urges to move somewhere else occurring more and stronger than they have in the past.
I was surprised when I woke up this morning and one of my first thoughts was “I want to move to London” while I was eating my breakfast.  I honestly had never really thought about living abroad.  Maybe this is the adventurous person in me that’s realizing I haven’t seen enough of the world or I haven’t done enough traveling.  (I’m sure my sister is nodding her head thinking I could have told you that.)  Or maybe it’s the part of me that’s itching to figure out what my next steps are and move on from my current pace.
What also surprised me was the crazy support I got for what felt like a random idea to me when I posted my sudden urge on Facebook this morning.  I wasn’t necessarily surprised by my sister’s outpour of support but everyone else’s “go for its” (especially the one from an ex-bf I haven’t heard from in over a year).
And while it was so amazing to realize how much support I have out there, it also really messed with my head and made me realize how much I really need to figure out what I want to be doing right now so that I can figure out how to do it.  There is clearly a major part of me that’s ready to move on from where and what I’m doing now.
New York City? Maybe.

San Francisco? Maybe.

London?  Maybe.

Somewhere else? Maybe.