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I got to thinking it would be fun to check in a bit, and as it turns out, I haven’t done one of these ‘currently’ styled posts since May so it’s quite possible that we have a LOT to catch up on. As part of the survey you all filled out a couple months ago, I got a lot of feedback that you want more peeks into my life, so here we go, let’s get to it, shall we?


I have two books going at the moment – one audiobook, one physical book. My current audiobook is ‘Daring Greatly’ by Brene Brown and my physical book is a total flashback to my childhood, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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I don’t remember what prompted the urge to re-read the Little House series but I haven’t read them since I was a little girl and it’s making my heart so happy to climb into bed and read a chapter or two before going to sleep. But I must ask, is there a way to read in bed that is actually comfortable? I think I’m discovering why this habit doesn’t stick…I just can’t get that cozy.


Is anyone else watching ‘This Is Us?’ My mom and sister started texting about it and I’d been hearing about it on the radio but since they were liking it, I decided to join in and it’s so good! Seriously, each episode is not long enough!

Also, I’m watching every single trailer for the new Gilmore Girls series and the Fuller House season 2. Don’t judge.

And Survivor. Because I’m crazy and sometimes it makes me want to go kick some butt and other times it reminds me that I’m not a good swimmer so it would be a terrible idea. ha!


I was recently hired for some freelance writing which makes me SO happy! My goal is an article a week which may not seem like all that much, but with the busy season at work starting in the next couple weeks, an article a week will be a lot. Plus, blog posts.

I have some other writing projects that I want to work on, but the timing isn’t right…yet.


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Coffee. Yes, I’m always drinking coffee, but with the cooler weather, my love for a hot cup of coffee has been revitalized. I’m also the girl who went to Starbucks on Saturday after hot yoga hoping for a green cup with her coffee and as soon as I saw the girl grab a white cup, I shed a couple tears inside. Yes, you may judge me for that.

I’ve also been drinking bottled water that was filtered through reverse osmosis…because arsenic.


Amongst a sea of boxes. For real though. I don’t do well with clutter and my apartment is cluttered. I can’t wait to get moved into the new place and get myself all unpacked and settled. With that said, I did buy some plantains over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my very favorite plantains, dippy eggs and a little guac for good measure!


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Always yoga pants. And my Cubs t-shirt #goCubsgo! I was super bummed I didn’t get to watch the game because of my migraine, but waking up Thursday morning to the good news was still amazing! Plus having a Facebook feed FULL of Cubs celebratory posts beats a feed FULL of election posts!


I’m trying to fit as much hot yoga in as I can before the move. Thankfully the cool weather also makes it even more attractive because if I’m cold, there is no doubt that I will warm up as soon as I walk inside that studio.

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I also got in a 2.62 mile run Saturday morning before yoga as a tribute to everyone running 26.2 miles in NYC. It felt amazing and I was able to get faster and faster, which may not seem like much with such a short run, but is a major accomplishment from the past year of just needing to build myself back up.


Packing. Lots and lots of packing. I really don’t mind moving since it means getting to go through all of my stuff and then get reorganized in a new space, but the clutter definitely gets to me.


I’m not sure there’s anything that I need aside from being rid of arsenic. Saying that actually feels really good. I’m feeling pretty content with where I’m at and the journey that I’m on. Things aren’t perfect, but there’s progress being made and isn’t that all we can ask for?


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Essential oils! Seriously, I’m obsessed. This has been a long time coming as I’ve been learning a bit about them over the last couple years but I keep moving towards cleaning up the products that I use in my house and on my body, this has been such an obvious transition for me. There’s still a lot to learn, but I’m excited to share some of my knowledge with you guys!

Pick one and answer!

Are you a fan of essential oils? Is there anything you want to know about them specifically?

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  1. Mistle

    I used to love reading Little House On The Prairie! It’s been years though. I love essential oils! The best investment I’ve ever made (well at least one of them). I love This Is Us! I need to catch up though. I have not watched the last two episodes. I can not wait for GG & Fuller House to come back on!
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  2. Kate

    Really enjoyed this style of post, great idea. I am a fan of essential oils, I’m enjoying This is Us, best thing on tv. Hope your move goes well.

  3. Emily

    I’d love to hear more about how you use Essential Oils. They’re something I’ve been interested in for a while, but I can’t find ways to incorporate them into my lifestyle.

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