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Goodbyes are always hard.  I don’t think we ever expect them to be any different.  We try our best to call them “see you laters” and even though that might be true, you’re still saying “goodbye” and that’s hard.

It’s especially hard when you’ve met some amazing people in your 3 years living some place.  Despite the challenges of actually making a place feel like a home, you meet the people that make it hard to leave and truly make some of the most amazing memories.

From gym dates to Yogurtland and tea dates, Justine has always felt like a sister to me.  She even offered to be my stand-in sister while mine was in the Peace Corps for 2 1/2 years.

To the friends who greet you with their smiling faces and support each day at work and always know when it’s best to give you a hug, listen or let you be.  And in return, you can do the same.

From the person who you’ve always called “CORE bro” and who actually feels like a brother.  And who introduced you to his just as amazing (now) fiancee.  I can’t wait for your wedding!!

I totally stole this picture of you guys because I don’t have one of the 3 of us. 🙁

To the chat / vent sessions over coffee and a pastry with the manager and friend referred to as Mama Julie.  And who deserved her own personal goodbye dinner.

From all the other friends and coworkers who made the last three years everything that it was whether good, bad, or ugly.  It made the last three years quite the experience.

To the lovely ladies, roommate and some of the greatest friends I could have asked for.  If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure I would have made it through this last year.

Goodbyes are difficult, despite knowing that I’ve made some great friendships and that I will see each of these people again – no questions asked.

But this is my journey and sometimes you have to take the goodbyes with the hellos of potential new opportunity.

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