Intention: Everything Changes

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The last week or so, one of my yoga instructors was suggesting the intention “everything changes” and it seemed to really stick for me. I’ve mentioned that things have been stressful and overwhelming lately. While there are a LOT of other things that are going well and very positive, when there’s an area of extreme overwhelm, it can be easy to find ourselves focusing more on that than on the positives.

I have to admit, I’ve been falling into that trap lately.

So when my yoga instructor shared the intention “everything changes” I couldn’t help but hold on. I was reminded that this moment will pass and that even if things are challenging me now, it’s temporary. Things haven’t been great or were extra overwhelming in the past, but I pushed through and came to the other side. Things eventually changed, and they can and will change again.

The point isn’t that we have to just sit here and wait though. The point is that we recognize that everything changes, we shift our mindsets, and then be begin to take action. When we can see things from a new perspective and a new light, suddenly new doors seem to open for us that we never expected.

I can’t say how long this chapter will last (for me or for you) but I can promise you that everything changes and in due time, you’ll look back and realize that’s exactly the case.

Does this intention “everything changes” ring true for you right now?