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Sometimes we go days, weeks, months or even years feeling like we are just wandering around lost without any sense of direction.  We find ourselves in a place of needing to pullover and find a map to get ourselves back on course.  Sometimes we hit a dead end and other times it’s a straight shot from point a to point b.


Sometimes we find ourselves looking for all the right answers in all of the wrong places.  Maybe this is where the road took us or maybe we paved our own path and this is where we ended up.  Regardless, we have to find our way out and that’s always easier said than done.


Sometimes we start asking everyone what we’re supposed to do next, how we’re supposed to proceed from where we are given our current situation.  Sometimes our friends, family or complete strangers have those answers, though often times their advice is merely just advice and not the answer to our current situation.


Sometimes we try to look inward to answer our questions, hoping they’ve been sitting inside us all along. And sometimes this is just what we needed, like a little package wrapped in a brightly colored bow just waiting to be opened.


Sometimes we just need a sign, something that gives us that glimmer of hope of the good that’s to come from moments of darkness, confusion or an extra bumpy road.  Sometimes they don’t come but then sometimes they do.  Sometimes they’re small and you could miss them with a single blink of your eyes but then sometimes they’re big, screaming for your attention. Like the sun breaking through the clouds on an early morning drive making sure you don’t miss a single moment.


I’ve got it. Message received.

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