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I’ve talked about The Head and The Heart before but they’ve got a new album coming out so I’m going to talk about them again, because that’s the point of Music Monday – share what I’m loving musically!  And quite honestly, I’m loving this!


The new album Let’s Be Still doesn’t come out until October 15th of this year but if the album is anything like the first single off the album “Shake” then it’s bound to be worth every penny.  I can’t wait to hear more and then figure out when the band is coming through Chicago and finally go see some kick-ass live music.  Because really, there’s no reason this song shouldn’t be awesome live.  Am I right? Or Am.I.Right? 😉



If starting your Monday with some wonderful music isn’t a marvelous thing, then I don’t now what is!


Any bands you’re hoping to see live soon?

What albums are you excited to come out?

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