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We always talk about the importance of play time for children, and not just time sitting in front of the TV with a video game in hand, but rather the precious time spent outside running around, being active and having fun.  When was the last time we talked about the importance of play time for adults?  The moments when we’re outside playing and having fun, when we’re (mostly) disconnected from technology and when we allow our daily stresses of life to sit on the back burner.


If I learned anything from this weekend, anything from participating in the Color Run, anything from dancing in fountains, it’s the importance of giving myself this kind of time.

Yes, I was in the middle of that crowd throwing color and turning into an even more colorful mess!

Yes, I was in the middle of that crowd throwing color and turning into an even more colorful mess!

Sunday morning may have started early and it may have taken every ounce of my energy but it was worth every moment.  And while I could recap each step we took through the race, I’m pretty sure you can fill in the lines between the dots pictures.






1013413_10100350165188025_1368853066_nphoto-279photo-281970562_908393350489_1305298341_nAnd when you’re steps away from the Millennium Park fountains, it’s always recommended to continue play time…


1001330_10100350250407245_994871790_nIt’s a weekend I won’t forget.  It’s a reminder to laugh, play and dance.  It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s okay to get a little messy.


Have you ever done a Color Run?

Would you?

**Thank you to Josie’s wife, Rachel, and Candace’s husband, Oscar, for being our lovely photographers.  Many of these pictures are courtesy of them.**

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  1. Taryn

    I spent hours riding a bike this weekend and had many of the same thoughts – how much I miss exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise because it’s so fun. So much of my childhood was spent riding my bike from one friend’s house to another, or just riding around aimlessly with friends or my brother. Getting back on a bike and riding around with friends was the ultimate throwback this weekend, and I hope that I can do more things that feel like “play” the rest of this summer!

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