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Don’t get me wrong, while I DO enjoy eating out, I don’t enjoy the added expense or worry that I may not be able to find something that fits within my dietary needs: Vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and not super high in sugar. I’m not trying to make things more difficult (for others of myself) but after 27 (nearly 28) years of life on this earth, I’m learning what fuels my body properly and what doesn’t. The stomach ache that immediately ensues after eating certain foods (sugar and dairy) just isn’t worth it. The bloating and hair loss that comes (post gluten) isn’t worth it. Some may think differently and therefore make other dietary choices and while that’s fine for them, I’ve learned how amazing my body can feel when I eat and fuel properly and it’s just made me realize how much the other stuff is just so rarely worth it for me.

That was quite the long lead into this post and it’s not quite done, but hang with me for a moment… 😉

I’ve been listening to Sam talk about Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine, FL for as long as I can remember. Probably as long as I’ve know her. Obviously she was excited for us to make a stop or two there while we were passing through and yes I was excited to try it, I don’t think I actually knew what I was in for.


Present Moment Cafe is an “organic, vegetarian cafe that specializes in the preparation of unprocessed living gourmet foods…All of our menu items are rich in flavor, live enzymes and nutrients while remaining gluten-free, heart-healthy and diabetic friendly.”


It’s basically a paradise for someone like me. I look at the menu and can pretty much eat anything that I would like. And I did. We feasted and it was amazing. From the most refreshing “Detox Cooler” juice I’ve ever had (and really need to learn to make myself!), to the Mango Samosas (OMG!), to the warm apple crumble with cashew milk cinnamon ice cream! I was stuffed when I left but it was just too good!


And because we couldn’t pass up a moment like this, we also were sure to get Collard Wraps to eat for dinner as we drove and some ice cream for later. So yes, I see why Sam has always raved about this place. And while I’m not sure when I’ll get back to St. Augustine, FL, you better believe Present Moment is going to be one of my first stops!

Do you have a favorite restaurant you’ve ever visited while traveling?

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4 thoughts on “Present Moment Cafe <- A MUST

  1. Katie

    YUM!!!! I’m glad you are getting out and trying some awesome places while traveling. I don’t have a favorite travel spot, although I love all the restaurants we go to when in Mexico with my family. We try to find places that the locals go to. Its great to be outside of the resort scene.

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