Respect (I do).

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I don’t expect much from people because I know we all have different values and work ethics but I’m having one of those days where I am just appalled by people.  I often remind myself that we aren’t all made the same and not everyone is a perfectionist to the same extent that I am but still people…
Be aware of conversations you’re having, who’s around and when they shouldn’t be and when it’s okay.
Trust people who are in positions of responsibility. Remember they are there for a reason. 
Think about the pictures you post and where you post them.  Respect yourself.  There’s a level of confidence and then there’s the level where it seems egotistical or just TMI.
I wouldn’t consider myself “conservative” but maybe I’m more so than I ever realized or knew.  Or maybe I’m too shy and not confident enough in my body to flaunt it all over the place (I am).  Or maybe I respect myself, others and my work (I do).  Maybe I expect people to work the way I do (I do).  
Maybe I need to breathe more (I do).