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I can’t even finish a challenge before a new one begins…
Before you think I’ve gone totally crazy, I didn’t decide to do it this way. Granted I did pick the date for the yoga challenge to start, I felt like there was “no better time than now” and I’m so glad I decided to do it when I did. I’m not going to go into the details about how it went because it’s only day 28, so I’m not done receiving the benefits. (though please note I won’t stop once the challenge is over, I just won’t go day after day making yoga my main source of exercise.)
Well I’m sure at this point you’re wondering what the new challenge is…
One of my favorite benefits working for Apple is their support for maintaining health, whether that be exercise, quitting smoking, etc. 
Last year they teamed up with Nike for a 6 week “cardio challenge” where you used the Nike + app and sensor to track your mileage walking or running.  Well they did it again this year for the iWalk I did a few weeks ago and then for another round of the cardio challenge.  It started this Monday with a week of overlap and boy my body is feeling it already! 
Yesterday I did a 4 mile run + 90 min yoga class and when I tried to run a 2 miler this morning, my body quickly decided that wasn’t going to happen.  1 mile later, I was moving myself over to a stationary bike for the remainder of my sweat session. 
My body is still tired….
I hope I can make it up tomorrow morning for another run. I don’t want to get behind my 75 mile goal!!