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I survived the weekend but quite honestly, sometimes I’m not sure I did.  The over night at work was fun and if you haven’t been to an Apple store since Sunday, I would highly recommend because it looks really cool.  I survived the 12 hours I worked on Sunday, but didn’t actually pay attention to how everything looked, I just focused on accomplishing the task of implementing the changes.
After I left on Sunday, I skipped the offer for breakfast with the rest of the team and headed straight to yoga.  I knew if I didn’t go as soon as I left, then I wouldn’t make it and thus would lose my 30 day yoga challenge after completing 23 days.  I made it through day 24!  I definitely fell asleep in a few poses including pigeon (and I don’t normally enjoy this pose so this is definitely one I never would have expected falling asleep in).  I fell asleep the moment my butt hit the couch.  Woke up for a quick hour or so, ate an apple, brushed my teeth, texted a friend for a bit and crashed again.
While I was able to get up for a run at 4:30 this morning, I still feel mentally and physically exhausted.  More so mentally than anything else.  I find myself getting more frustrated than I have been lately, which of course makes me more frustrated but such is life.  I decided to bring my laptop with me to work so I could give you all a quick little update, head out to my 6:15 yoga class and hopefully just go to bed the moment I walk in the door.  Please notice I said hope.