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Sometimes I’m a lucky girl.  Let me re-phrase that.  I AM a lucky girl.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.

Sometimes I get to take fun trips with good friends.

 And sometimes we find giant candy bars (now that’s lucky!)

Sometimes I find my name and get to practice my ballet skills.

Sometimes people need to remind me I’m not as cute at this now as I was back then.

And sometimes you get to go where everybody knows your name.

 Sometimes I get to go to fun retreats to meet awesome bloggers turned friends.

And sometimes I’m lucky enough that super cool companies like Swanson Health Products reach out to me to test out their online store full of healthy living products.  And who is going to refuse products of your choosing?  Well it isn’t going to be me.  Especially when it’s filled with vitamins, delicious and nutritious foods, natural beauty products, and other fun things!

I took them up on their offer and continued to load my cart with a few more fun things.

  • Kids ZBar Chocolate Brownie
  • 2 Yogi teas
  • Kashi Honey Puff cereal
  • MaraNatha Almond Butter
  • Chia Seeds
  • Almond Flour
  • Coconut Oil

I have to tell you I was really impressed by their wide variety of products and the competitive prices.  There was definitely a moment of being overwhelmed by all of the choices but at the same time I also loved that.  I’m pretty sure nearly every healthy living product you’re looking for is available.  Love it and thank you to Swanson Health Products for helping me feel like a lucky girl.

What has made you feel lucky lately?

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