The Boiling Pot

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I don’t enjoy confrontation.  I mean who actually does?  But it’s one of those things that I find myself reminded how much I don’t enjoy it.  
Like when I let my roommate’s boyfriend walk out of my apartment with my jar of sunflower seed butter as I sit on the couch telling myself I’m imagining it and that it must have fallen out of the trash (even though it looked just like the jar I opened in the fridge the day prior).  Or when I can’t find the words to tell a guy he’s coming across as only interested in one thing and that won’t fly with me.  So instead I give the benefit of the doubt, meanwhile brewing like a little tea pot ready to boil over at any moment.
Does this have to do with my dislike for confrontation?  Or does this go back to the fact that I’m rather reserved and quiet?  Or maybe it’s just a combination of the two?  Let’s be honest, it’s probably a mix.
And what is this thing where people seem to think I don’t smile?  Or at least seem to think I don’t smile in pictures?  I mean, I know I don’t smile in pictures that often – I like to make silly faces or try to take artsy pictures but seriously?!  Several people made note about how I was smiling in a picture I posted on Instagram this morning about how long my hair was.  Does this actually seem out of the ordinary?
All I notice is that my hair is SUPER long and that I clearly need more coffee for my sleepy eyes.
There’s a lot of thoughts going on in my head and this is just the beginning.

How do you deal with confrontation?