The Lonely Wild

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I haven’t been sharing a ton of the campaigns that I’ve been working on with my job. Mostly just because while music is a huge part of my life and obviously also my career, this is also a personal blog, personal space and I want to make sure I’m finding that balance and not bringing too much of my job into this space. I don’t know if any of my coworkers, my boss or clients have stumbled across this space and give it a good read from time to time (hello, if so!) and while I have no intent of sharing anything negative, I guess I just always feel like there’s a line and I want to make sure I don’t cross it.


With that said, I HAD to share this band with you. Not just because they’re good and worth knowing, but because they had this marvelously hilarious campaign video that is so worth every second to watch it fro start to finish.  No joke.



Hilarious, yes? Honestly, one of the best campaign intro videos I’ve seen!


Anyway, the band (The Lonely Wild) is more than their video, they’re incredible musicians. And you all know that I know good music, right?




With the new album in the works, I quite honestly can’t wait to get my ears on the new tunes!


What are you listening to this week?

Tell me all about your fabulous weekend!

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