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It’s no secret that I love music and if you haven’t noticed, I have a huge soft spot for musicians. Particularly, musicians that are working their butts off to make it. As I often say to my friends, this will either be my rise or fall within the music industry.

1546412_10100114978978209_871985270_nOne of the cool things about my job right now is that I get to work with and meet many of those musicians who are working hard to make ends meet through their music. Many may have other jobs, many may not; many may just be starting out, many may be a bit more established; regardless, they’re all trying to fulfill their dreams and this reaches to the core of my being.


I feel so blessed that one of the campaigns I was given to look over was for Mia Dyson, an Australian singer-songwriter, who’s also charging her way through the U.S. Mia had an awesome campaign, surpassing her goal, engaging with fans and releasing a seriously awesome record just last week.


Her manager sent me the record a few weeks earlier as a first listen and I found myself immediately connected to the album. From start to finish I was tuned in and immediately found myself replaying it from the beginning once it was over. I’m so excited the album is out so I can finally share this with all of you!



I emailed her manager back and thanked them for sending it to me. I let them know that I really enjoyed it and think it’s a fantastic record. The response I got was that knowing I’m listening to different musicians all day, they appreciated my kind words about Mia’s album and know that it means a lot. But they really don’t know just how much it meant to me in that moment. Music has a way of reaching out and touching our soul. It gives us something to connect to, often in a way that nothing else can.



I hope you all check out Mia Dyson, her new record and truly enjoy it as much as I do.


What are you listening to lately?

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