Things are brewing….

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Things are brewing, changes are coming and I hope you’re all excited!

The Healthy Living Summit sparked an inspiration in me to truly find my direction in the blog world.  I was already inspired post conversations with Tracey while I was home, but the inspiration train just came charging faster and faster.

Being stuck on the couch or in bed sick the past few days is forcing me to rest and relax but also take the time to do some projects that initially seem overwhelming or that will lead me to spending too much time sitting in front of my computer.  Being sick, you can’t do anything but that, watch a movie or read a book.  (I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone last night!)

Anyway, while I pick the exact direction and possible name change of my blog, I’m moving forward with Talk Less, Say More and establishing it’s own domain and proper “look.”  It’s not ready yet so for now, keep checking in here but know that it’s coming and I hope you all continue to read!