Today’s Lesson

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I had a post planned for today but then something happened, something wonderful actually.  A day off.


Who knew a day off work could be so simple, yet so magical.  I didn’t do anything crazy; I wasn’t overly productive, but I wouldn’t change any of it.


I started my day with a simple breakfast and blog reading.  Followed by a trip to the gym for some cross-training and upper body strength workout in my new Ellie gear.  Formal review (and hopefully much better photos) to come. 😉

photo-207Then I spent my afternoon testing a new recipe and sitting in my bed tackling a few todos.  Nothing crazy.  I met my cousin for a drink when he got off work, then came back home to make myself dinner.


And because apparently my sweet tooth needed a fix, I ended my evening with a mug of hot chocolate and a few marshmallows.  All things in moderation, folks!


Todays planned post can wait, because at the end of the day (literally), it’s about enjoying all the little simple things in life.


Let that be your lesson for the day.

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