Weekly Workout Wednesday #2

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Happy Wednesday! We’re at that half-way point of the week and I’m sure I’m not the only one excited about this. Checking in today to share my workouts from last week. While my workouts were on point and all felt GREAT, my step count fell short most days last week. I could blame a few reasons, but truth is, I have no one to blame but myself. For anyone else that works a full-time desk job, you understand how difficult it can be to just get stuck at your desk and forget to really get up and MOVE. I do have the hourly reminder to step on my FitBit, but I’m also pretty good about ignoring it or thinking I’ll get those steps in shortly. One of the things I’m trying to be better about is taking a lap around the building when I get up to used the restroom. I know that even those few extra steps will add up but will also likely help with my overall energy levels during the day.

Now, let’s move onto those workouts…

Monday 10/1:

Step count: 5,969

TIU Daily Moves – Chest & Back

LG Extreme Upper Body – 1 round 

Tuesday 10/2:

Step count: 4,083


Wednesday 10/3:

Step count: 8,997

2 mile run

Thursday 10/4:

Step count: 12,589

3 mile run

LG – chest & triceps workout

Taught 2 yoga classes

Friday 10/5:

Step count: 8,653

LG – glutes & abs workout 

5 min jump rope HIIT

Saturday 10/6:

Step count: 6,183

20 min bike ride

TIU daily moves

Sunday 10/7:

Step count: 15,188

5k run

Taught 2 yoga classes

I hope to be back on Monday with a new post! Do you have any requests for posts or post ideas? Leave them in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

Do you use a fitness or activity or step tracker? Any tips for hitting your goal?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Wednesday #2

  1. Mary Varville-Rodriguez

    Excellent updates on your workout goals. I’m hoping to increase my workout time as soon as I complete my physical therapy sessions. (Recovering from a car accident back in August) It helps to have someone monitoring my progress and giving me ideas for exercises I can do for now. Keep inspiring us!

  2. Charlotte

    I use a Fitbit too and love the hourly reminders to move, but like you, I don’t often pay attention or I think I’ll get them in later. Gah! You had a lot of great workouts in your week! Way to go, Katie! Xo

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