Well-deserved pampering!

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The long days have gotten out of control.  I like my job and I’m a team player, but I’m beat!  I checked my hours last night and saw that in 4 days, I had already achieved my weekly hours…  I went in to open this morning and was immediately met by more stress.  I was silly to think going in early this morning would mean I could get my work done before others came in and could bother me.  My bad.
But I got the things done that needed to get done this morning and thankfully was able to get out a few hours early since the rest of my team was there.  I headed straight to the gym where I realized I forgot my headphones and accidentally locked the keys to my gym lock in the locker.  Oops!  A 45 min workout + friendly gym staff + a big lock cutter later, and I was on my way home for lunch.  I would have liked a longer workout but I’m planning to hit up Gigi Yogini’s Birthday Contact Yoga class this evening and didn’t want to completely tire out my body before.  Plus, I have the next 2 days off where I can kick my butt at the gym!
So how does a girl who’s been working too hard spend a free afternoon?  A little well-deserved pampering, of course!  I thought about going all-out w/ a mani and pedi but decided just to stick with a pedicure (I’ll do a self manicure later) and end with a little froyo.  I’m definitely a happy girl!
Now it’s time to get rid of this headache, shower and finishing installing Lion on my MacBook Pro! (Pretty sure this is proving I have the slowest internet in the world….)

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