What I Be

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Have you ever heard of the ‘What I Be’ project by Ganesh Photography in Davis, CA?  I happened to run across it on Facebook this morning and just had to take the opportunity to share this with everyone.  They have several albums on their Facebook page and I highly recommend taking the time to check them out.  They’re absolutely beautiful photographs with an even better message.  Below are a couple pictures from the ‘What I Be’ Project.
“I am not my anxiety” : Source
“I am not my uncertainty” : Source

And while I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga, I do like the message behind her single “Born This Way.”  And quite honestly, that’s it.  Hate the video and hate the way she sings the song.  Only like the message behind the lyrics.  But that’s something.

If you haven’t noticed, my brain has been on the wavelength of empowerment and self-improvement lately.  I’m trying not to let the anxiety of the unknown overcome me and take each day as it presents itself to me and approach life with a clear mind.  This is the only way to move on and deal with things that have happened that throw you off track (like a change in your career – please note I did not say change of career).  I’m working every day on my positive outlook on the world.  And as I’ve mentioned, some days are good days, some days are bad days.