Before and After

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After the end of last year and the crazy medications that I’ve been put on this year because of it, I was in need and ready for a change.  I needed something that would help give me a new glow and renewed sense of self.



It really is the little things that help us get through the tough times and carry on our way.  Sometimes all it takes is a trip to the gym or a new shirt.  Other times, it requires a hair cut and a new color.  This was one of those times.

I’ve been putting off a much needed hair cut for awhile and toying with the idea of coloring my hair.  To be honest, these moments generally only come once per year, two if I’m lucky.  But when a friend told me I was missing my usual “glow” and needed to figure out what would help bring that back, especially when my usual workouts weren’t working, I knew it was time.

Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can return us to our natural glow.  They bring about this renewed sense of self and we can’t help but feel a bit better, despite what’s been ailing us.

I have goals and dreams and while sometimes they change or manifest into something we don’t expect them to, we can’t allow the road blocks that are bound to come up to just get in our way.  And when we find they become to much of a hinder, we figure out what’s going to make us feel better in that moment so we can push forward.  For me, this time, it was a simple before and after.

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  1. wartica

    Good luck on your journey; those first steps are always the hardest but once you get going, anything is possible. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you

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