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As a writer, a creative, an entrepreneur, my mind is always spinning. Always. I’m always thinking of new projects, new ideas, new words that I want or need to say, new desires and drives toward a particular impact that I’m trying to create.

As you know, I’m also very health, fitness, and wellness minded; always working towards a healthier, happier and better version of myself.

I love these “self-development” style books and podcasts; I love finding inspiration in people, especially women, who are out their doing something they love while simultaneously changing lives.

All that is what I strive for and work toward every day of my life.

Over the weekend, my good friend Meg, shared the below interview with Elizabeth Gilbert & Marie Forleo, talking Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic. I have read Big Magic and loved it, honestly, I’ve felt myself being drawn back to reading it again, knowing I missed little nuggets of knowledge the first time through or forgot integral pieces of information.

This interview confirmed that, while also inspiring me to keep working towards those big picture things in my life that are calling my name. The things that are totally worth the shit sandwiches that come along with them.

The inspiration is running deep; so deep that it felt completely necessary to share with you all today in hopes that you find whatever bit inspiration you need. To embrace while letting go of fear, to be authentic and truly yourself in every aspect of your being, and to believe in magic.

[ctt title=”To embrace while letting go of fear, to be authentic, and to believe in magic.” tweet=”To embrace while letting go of fear, to be authentic, and to believe in magic. #bigmagic via @iamkatiearnold” coverup=”bv3B0″]

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Have you read Big Magic?

In what ways are you looking to let go of fear?

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7 thoughts on “Big Magic

  1. Shelly

    I read that book in a day! And I hardly ever do that. #timeandkids

    I read it around this time last year I think. I actually credit Gilbert’s words to me opening up my Etsy shop in January, cause after reading the book I was like WHY THE HELL NOT!? And it has fulfilled me in ways I never foresaw, and I’ve done so much better than I ever expected!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it too! 🙂
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  2. Runwright

    I found your link through the TOL link-up.
    I read Big Magic a few months ago. I thought it was such an inspiring read that I recommended it to a a lot of people – not just writers but I think everyone who feels stuck in life can do something to feed their creative passions and just have a better experience.
    For me, that is writing and I’ve been making time to write every day. After I read her book, I published my first short story collection and I’ve just gotten better with blogging and making videos. I just posted a video where I shared a quote from that book too about creativity being a gift for the writer, not just for the audience.
    I love to hear other people talking about this book because it was a big inspiration to me.
    You can check out my YouTube channel and the video I mentioned here:
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