Trust Tuesday

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I originally had a post planned for today but we’re going to push it back a bit because as I sat down to write it, I found myself feeling really unmotivated and uninspired. I learned a long time ago that if I’m not feeling a post when it’s time to write it, it’s best to push it back. Quality over quantity.

Instead I want to bring about a bit of motivation today – for you and me – and I’m calling it Trust Tuesday.

trust tuesday

trust (noun): firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something

Right now I am practicing trust. Trust that I am headed in the right direction. Trust that everything will work out. Trust that I can keep my insecurities out of my relationship and just be me. Trust that I will find a job, sell the RV and pay off the last 10 months. Trust that I can get my own place again soon. Trust that the puzzle pieces will all come together in due time.


never quit

Let’s all take today and trust.

How are you practicing trust today?

16 thoughts on “Trust Tuesday

  1. Nichole

    I blogged about this today too! Trust can be tricky. Letting go of our disappointments, fears, and failures can feel impossible at times! I’m trusting that I’m headed in the right direction & that I can achieve the goals I set for myself this month!

  2. Kyleigh

    I also practice trusting that things will get better. Even when I was unemployed for four months, I knew I’d eventually find a job. When I’m short on cash, I acknowledge the bad choices I’ve made and trust that my money situation has to get better. Sometimes trusting in a better future makes the crappy present feel more bearable.

  3. Erica

    I really liked this post. I could really relate to some of the things going on in your life. Trust is something I have been working on lately. I think at some point in life you have to let go and “trust” . Trust in yourself and a higher power- or you will slowly go crazy due to the ups and downs that happen in life.

  4. Katie

    I’m trusting in my job right now…last week was ROUGH like tears in the bathroom rough. Thankfully my boss realized that there was an issue and we touched base and things were a little better on Monday.

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