BRTR Training Week 7

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It’s funny that as I wrap up the 7th week of my half marathon training, I’m looking ahead to marathon training. It’s a good thing I’m totally an over achiever… 😉


Over the next few weeks I’ll be figuring out what marathon training needs to look like and trying merge it with my half training so I don’t lose all the progress I’ve made over the last few months. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m doing this but sometimes I still can’t believe I’ve successfully run two 1/2 marathons. The body is an amazing thing!


Speaking of amazing things…seriously amazing training this week. My body was feeling strong. And while Friday was going to be my “rest” day, I needed the mental release of hot yoga and I’m so happy I went. Sometimes active rest is the answer. 🙂

Friday 4/11

75 mins hot yoga


Saturday 4/12

15 mins treadmill speed work

15 mins stairs speed work 


Sunday 4/13

6 mile run


Monday 4/14

Strength – legs & abs


Tuesday 4/15

4.5 mile run


Wednesday 4/16

Strength – chest/triceps/abs

3 x 500m row 


Thursday 4/17

4.6 mile run

Strength – back/biceps/abs


Now, it’s Friday and I’m more than ready for my weekend and time with friends and family. I’ll see y’all on Monday. 😉


How was your training this week?

Have you ever run a marathon before? I WANT YOUR TIPS!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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