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The last few weekends have been pretty busy and with my cousin’s wedding this weekend, there’s no real sign of things letting up so I’ve been keeping things a bit lighter around here lately. I hope you don’t mind.

And keeping with that fashion, I thought I’d share a few of my current obsessions….


1 – Green beans w/ hummus

photo-123I’m not kidding. Blanched green beans with hummus have been my favorite snack and favorite method of eating hummus. Move over carrots & celery, there’s a new sheriff in town. (btdubs…the Trader Joe’s edamame hummus is SO good!)


2 – Iced coffee cubes

BieMBuICMAAtYMfI shared this with Twitter the other day and the world my two followers agreed. But seriously, do it! I always save my leftover coffee from the morning for iced coffee but I’ve been taking some of it and making iced coffee cubes so that way as the ice melts it doesn’t completely water down the coffee. I like to do 2 or 3 coffee cubes with 2 or 3 regular iced cubes with my iced coffee. It’s a science, clearly.


3 – Fabletics

march fableticsI’m still dreaming of this outfit and their new jacket which would be perfect for running outside in springtime weather… (family…I do have a birthday coming…)


4 – Sudoku


It doesn’t stop. I think since buying the daily puzzle calendar, my obsession got worse. I just can’t help it.


5 – Spreadsheets


I had a few different colors in my work spreadsheet but found myself wanting to distinguish things more and introduced more colors this week. It’s so pretty to look at. #nerdalert


6 – (for good measure) – BLEND!

Blend-RetreatOkay so maybe not an obsession per se, but I went to the Blend Retreat the last two years and had SO much fun! I’m excited to be going again this year and hope to see you (yes, YOU!) there too! How fun would that be? There’s still a few spots left so make sure you register soon (and feel free to let them know I sent you 😉 )!


And I guess if we wanted to add another, Motivation In March could count because I’m obsessed with quotes and devoted an entire month to sharing one quote a day with all of you lovely people.


What are you obsessed with right now?

Are you going to Blend?

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