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I’m part of the generation that grew up on Friends.  And to this day I still love to watch reruns on TBS.  It just never gets old.

And then Tracey came to visit in July and got me hooked on How I Met Your Mother.  I caught a couple episodes she was watching on Netflix and thought it was funny.  Next thing I knew, she was gone and I couldn’t start from the beginning of the series fast enough.  (And now I have Amy hooked too!)

But I really love these shows.  There’s a certain level of comfort that you can’t help but relate back to your own group of friends or past groups of friends or groups of friends you hope to someday have.  And they’re funny.  And not in that super stupid or gross funny, like legitimately funny.

And when you can enjoy them with your friends, over a bottle of wine, while all sitting around in your pajamas, it’s even better.  And if you ever had any worry if you’d keep in touch with these people after you move away, it’s moments like these that should remind you it’s real, pure friendships.

And when you spend your evening telling stories, ranting and reflecting; and when the bottle and glasses are empty, you say goodnight, give a hug and say “I’ll see you soon!”

8 thoughts on “Friends

  1. robfiasco @ run 2 the hills

    Friends is one of my all-time favorite shows. I’m lucky to catch 2 episodes on tbs when I get home from work and then I catch a few on nick at nite before bed. I never get sick of them. I heard the series is coming out on blu-ray soon. yes please!

  2. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning

    I remember when Friends was new- I was a freshman in high school! I didn’t watch it yet, but my friend Krista was obsessed with Marcel (Ross’ monkey) and always talked about how funny it was. I became hooked shortly thereafter.
    The show that TOTALLY defined my generation was My So-Called Life. I was the “same age” as Angela and just idolized her and that show. Same thing with Felicity- we “started college” at the same time.
    Man, shows like that take me back… I feel old.

  3. Catherine

    Friends is the ultimate comfort TV. They stopped showing the repeats in the UK a little while ago and I was gutted. Then along came How I Met Your Mother, and it certainly filled the void! I remember when I was a kid, my friends coming over, having a sleepover and putting on a Friends video! Great trip down memory lane, thanks 🙂

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