Let’s Make a Deal

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Today was a big day.

And I mean REALLY big day.

THIS became mine!

Oh yes, that’s right, I bought a new (used) car!  It was a big decision to make but I honestly feel it was the right one.  I know the lifetime on my Focus doesn’t have as much left as I want it to and I decided I would rather get some money (for a down payment) than drive in into the ground and get nothing.  And since it was due for new tires and I was not willing to put any money other than an oil change (which was also due!) it seemed the time to really start looking.

Yesterday I went to CarMax and got a quote for my car, walked the lot and test drove three different kinds: Volkswagen, KIA, and Honda.

I LOVED the Volkswagen; the KIA was super sensitive and kind of jolty but smooth, and the Honda I did not like, I felt like I couldn’t tell where the car ended.

I went home to crunch numbers and continue some searching via the web.

I found a 2009 white Volkswagen Jetta at a dealer in Woodland Hills.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go.  Then I found a 2009 black Volkswagen Jetta in Santa Monica.  Better mileage, about the same price.  Why not?

So Amy joined me on the hunt.  I test drove the car and loved it!  We decided to start crunching numbers and while the salesmen wanted me to sign the papers last night, I took the night to think about it.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping into something and got the opinions of those people I trust.  Amy and I did an amazing job negotiating down but when I went back after work (only 2 hours after they opened and even though they were going to “try to hold” the car, it sold.)

They had a similar one of the same price and more mileage.  I went to inspect it just as one of my good friends/managers/awesome car guy showed up.  It took about 10-15 minutes to realize this one was NOT up to the same level as the one sold.  We walked the lot.  We looked at the white model I had also looked at yesterday.  And then we spotted it.

The 25,000 mile model with the least scratches, almost the same price and overall better extra features.  I don’t think I need navigation, but heck, I’m gonna have it!  We took it for a test drive and it felt amazing.  I felt good.  I felt like I could be driving my next car.  I got the “I would buy this car!” from Justin which I consider one of the best stamps of approval.  We started negotiating.  It wasn’t easy but I got a really good deal.  At least I think so and that’s really what counts.

They’re fixing up a few things and it should officially be mine by Tuesday.  I can’t believe it and I couldn’t be happier!  I’m about to start driving around a car that makes me feel safe, secure and is super AWESOME!  I’ll share more pictures once it’s in my hands!

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