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This was my view most of yesterday:

I seem to have tweaked my back but don’t ask me how; I’m not sure but at some point between getting out of bed and getting out of the shower something went horribly wrong.  I left work early because pain medication wasn’t helping and I was getting light headed at times.

All I could do was try a heating pad + rest.  And so I did.  That and watch my new TV show addiction:

I don’t have cable so I really don’t watch much TV but the kid “missing” in this show happens to be someone I went to high school with and was in choir with so when I heard he was in this show several weeks ago, I decided to watch the Pilot.  I was hooked with that one episode but then had to wait for the show to actually premiere and other episodes to become available.  I kept meaning to go back and watch them but it wasn’t until today when I had nothing else I could do when I actually did.  Now I want to watch more.  Please.

What’s your current TV addiction?

3 thoughts on “Missing

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  2. Dad

    your Mom and I like that show too. We usually watch it on demand but I know that you don’t have Comcast. Try ice on your back, it works better than heat.

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